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For your business to stay competitive in your industry, you must adapt and keep up with changing times. HP Amplify has rolled out a unique set of requirements that categorizes their partners. If you’re unfamiliar with the new program, you must quickly adapt for the most success.

VARCommerce understands how the HP Amplify categorization works. Our team of experts is prepared to help your organization navigate these structural changes. Previously, businesses were only looked at by the numbers they produced. Now, HP looks for well-rounded companies that also have:

• A modern, clean website with a branded store site.

• Intricate reporting capabilities

• Agile customization and collaboration features

These elements are all additions to meeting past revenue benchmarks. If you aren’t sure where to begin configuring your business for success, look no further than VARCommerce.

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Leverage VARCommerce for HP Support

VARCommerce understands your need for HP program updates. Our business began as a VAR with several software platforms, and long stressful days trying to keep up with running our organization. Then, we had an idea of integrating all aspects of your VAR in a single, intuitive system. Our all-in-one solution has grown into a comprehensive platform that can help navigate all components of your company’s sales and management processes.

When it comes to HP Amplify, you need to level up your store site and reporting proficiencies. VARCommerce can help with this transition seamlessly and quickly. Our solution allows for detailed reporting needs along with customization when it comes to an eCommerce storefront. Going digital has never been more essential for your success. Now that HP partners are required to have storefronts and collaboration for their business—it’s time for fundamental, digital change. The best part is that our team will simplify this development backed by our team of industry knowledge and experts.

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Strive to meet your company goals while meeting HP Partner benchmarks


Align with the need for dynamic customer experience to loyal supporters


Unite industry expertise and operational proficiencies for superior customer engagement

VARCommerce is Ready for HP Amplify. Are You? Let our team help you simplify Your HP Amplify process!

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