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Strategic Sourcing Devices

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Our goal is to make managing your reselling business as efficient as possible. We offer a suite of services and platform modules to make your company more productive by providing you with single-entry solutions, the tools, and resources needed to manage your organization effectively.

We started as a VAR and understand that the typical business procurement process is inefficient, frustrating, and time consuming. We created solutions that work perfectly together to make your employees more productive and more profitable. Explore our services today to see how our offerings can take your business to the next level.

What We Offer

Our services can be customized to your specific needs. We offer consulting and management
services to help make the most out of these tools and services.

Strategic Sourcing Devices


The CRM module is built to help you organize your customer contacts, leads, and opportunities. CRM is directly connected to quotes and opportunities providing quote status and forecasting. Additionally, the module provides real-time results back to your manufacturers from events and tracking leads

Strategic Sourcing Devices


VARCommerce storefronts and marketplaces level the playing field with the national distributors providing our VARS with a similar look and feel as other marketplaces. Our store sites are modern and directly connect to the administration module providing a seamless customer-driven process. Customize both public and private storefronts to align with your customer needs.

Strategic Sourcing Devices


Advanced quoting features that directly feed to the operations center; this will make your sales team more efficient, while remaining accurate. You can also build custom quotes quickly for any and all business needs.

Strategic Sourcing Devices


Our complete end-to-end operations solution includes order, PO and invoice generation. VARCommerce also provides a streamlined integration with most general ledgers.

Strategic Sourcing Devices


Complete warehousing solutions with integrations into both Fedex and UPs shipping systems. Managing warehousing solutions shouldn't be a headache. Our platform helps your business stay organized and efficient.

Strategic Sourcing Devices


Advanced reporting available that includes all data fields within the VARCommerce platform. Make smart, informed business decisions with detailed and insightful reporting functions.

Strategic Sourcing Devices

Catalog Feeds

VARCommerce directly connects to all distributors you use on a daily basis. There's no need to spend hours visiting several sites to get product information. Our platform curates catalogs from the top IT suppliers.

Strategic Sourcing Devices

Government Features

Advanced tools to help you manage GSA, SEWP, CIO-CS, and other SLED and federal contracts. Handle everything from securing bids to managing multiple contracts all in one platform.

Automate your VAR business with our cutting-edge reseller sales tool. Contact us today to try our solution risk-free.

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