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Originating as VARs ourselves, we understand the importance of comprehensive productivity tools that maximize efficiency and simplify business operations. That’s why we created a complete sales and management solution that government VARs can trust.

With our platform, government VARs can maintain SEWP, CIO-CS, GSA, or other Federal, state, and local contracts all within a single, easy-to-use system. Our platform’s innovative features provide government VARs with increased security. With user permissions, government VARs can control who has access to what and ensure that data never falls into the wrong hands. Government VARs can also leverage our compliance feature to stay in-control of complex contracts, as well as benefit from our tracking and reporting features to make smarter, more informed decisions.

We allow VARs to customize storefronts, effortlessly manage everyday operations, and conveniently access catalog feeds. Additionally, VARs can avoid customer support frustration with our US-based, professional services experts.
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Move Your Entire Team Remote

Due to the global pandemic, VARs have experienced a significant shift in the industry, with some changes expected to continue beyond COVID-19. Without the capability of transferring to a remote workplace, you risk falling behind the competition. Your workforce should be able to handle the changes of the times, whether they are side by side in an office or working from home. For VARs who have implemented a business continuity plan, you may want to reconsider your strategy and lean on VARCommerce for the basis of your business.

VARCommerce has allowed VARs to thrive during the pandemic. We can help you make your remote workforce just as productive and collaborative as if they were in the office. We’ll work with you to strategize a plan for a successful future by teaching you how to create eCommerce storefronts, how to optimize inefficient processes that are costing you income, and how to integrate systems into one singular, connected interface. That way, your business is equipped with the knowledge of staying successful while working remotely today and, perhaps, in the future.

Strategic Sourcing Devices
Strategic Sourcing Devices

Custom VAR Software to Create Business Solutions

VARCommerce is a feature-rich, broad-scoped platform that’s more than a quoting tool. Designed to reduce disparate toolsets and simplify business processes, VARCommerce’s unique platform equips technology resellers with everything they need, starting with a single-entry solution to perform quotes, e-commerce orders, order tracking, and much more with ease.

Our platform also features a custom report engine that provides you with real-time access and allows you to analyze customer trends, rep performance, product line margins, or operational efficiencies. You can also roll-out an unlimited number of e-commerce sites with VARCommerce’s store site capabilities. Completely customizable, our storefronts offer tracking, invoicing, and various other management functions driven from the same single-entry platform.

We proudly maintain an industry-leading five tiers of redundancy across two cloud service providers to ensure that your data is secure and offer automated and bi-directional integration capabilities to any account package or VAR tool via the VARSkyway tool.
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