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Here at VARCommerce, we understand the work that goes into not only winning government contracts for bid but also successfully managing them. Our solution helps make this process easier by streamlining operations through a business management software suite based on single-form entry technology that can help your VAR business maintain SEWP, CIO-CS, GSA, and other federal, state, and local contracts all within one easy-to-use system.

We allow VARs to customize storefronts, effortlessly manage everyday operations, and conveniently access catalog feeds. Additionally, VARs can avoid customer support frustration with our US-based, professional services experts.
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Staying Competitive With Enhanced Features

Our full-service platform is built to alleviate the stresses that go into a government contract. Our system can help streamline your process.

Some of our top features:

  • A single-entry platform to avoid human error and streamline the entire process from quoting and procurement, to inventory management and compliance
  • Custom branded eCommerce storefronts that are required by many government agencies to streamline the purchasing process
  • Build terms and conditions that are customized to each government contract
  • Securely manage multiple contract types in a single platform with security level setting to ensure proper access
  • Advanced reporting features to showcase the required materials to keep compliance through strict government regulations

  • These software features help make sure your VAR business is able to work efficiently while following all government policies and procedures. By minimizing human error and maximizing efficiency, our platform is an ideal solution for VARs working on complex government contracts.


    Partnering With VARCommerce

    We started as a VAR and realized quickly that having multiple tools, communications, and documentation points spread across several different platforms didn’t make the government contract bidding process any easier or less frustrating. We created a sales and business management solution that would help VARs excel in every step of their operation.

    We provide one of the leading sales quoting software tools in the industry and are always looking to improve upon it to fit with the current and future needs of Government VARs. Offering custom solutions for all, we pride ourselves on the efficiency of our tools for the unique needs of each of our clients. We’re on your team and have created a platform to help build on your success and create a more efficient workflow for your business.

    We proudly maintain an industry-leading five tiers of redundancy across two cloud service providers to ensure that your data is secure and offer automated and bi-directional integration capabilities to any account package or VAR tool via the VARSkyway tool.
    Strategic Sourcing Devices
    Automate your government VAR with our prominent reseller sales tool. Try our solution risk-free.

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